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We’ve moved to

Dear friends of Washington state’s Annual Canvas Conference (WACC)

We’ve moved to a new web address and are selling our domain name of ‘CanvasCon’ to Instructure.

Please find our new conference website here

Also, our new Twitter account is

Thank you for your continued interest and support!  We look forward to seeing you at this year’s WACC conference on March 24 and 25!

Your Washington SBCTC (State Board Community Technical Colleges)
eLearning Council (ELC) Professional Development Workgroup


UPDATE – EXTENSION to “Call for Proposals” (Now Due before 02/14/2016)

Involve me and I learn!
Is this by Benjamin Franklin or Xun Kuang?

We’re at the “call for proposals” stage of your upcoming 2016 CanvasCon Washington State event!

This conference is about Pathways to Success, OER (Open Educational Resources), Accessibility, and Universal design. We’re open to ALL proposals and eager to consider your workshop and/or lecture ideas!

If you’re not sure your proposal fits, please submit it anyway and our team will review it and let you know.

  • We plan to get back to everyone who submits a proposal with our selections by Feb 15 or sooner! (this is an update – 01/28/2016)

Please use this linked online form to submit all proposals for CanvasCon 2016,

CanvasCon 2016 – Early Planning Stages

Select two days for CanvasCon
Polling which two days of the March 21st 2016 week to run our next CanvasCon.

Our first (very short) poll asks potential participants to vote on which two days we should hold our Spring 2016 CanvasCon during the week of March 21st at Tacoma Community College next year.

Please vote asap so we can move on to our next poll(s) – topics and presenters!

Thank you,

SBCTC eLearning Council (ELC)
Professional Development Work Group

Launching a new CanvasCon website

Washington State's Canvas Conference (CanvasCon)
Washington State’s Canvas Conference (CanvasCon)

Washington State Board’s eLearning Council has begun a new CanvasCon work group to facilitate our faculty focused 2016 Canvas convention.

This is our new website address where we’ll be posting all of our news, resources, and documentation.

Information from our two previous conferences continues to be hosted here